My est Me

Give Your Students the Gift of HOPE through "My Best Me"

Having hope — which can be learned — reduces the impact of toxic stress and builds resilience against adverse childhood experiences. 

In increasing numbers, educators are seeing more children exposed to adversity, stress, and trauma. A nationwide study of 700,000 students found only about 45% report being hopeful. And this study was before the pandemic. The impact is felt in classrooms as students struggle with academic performance, disruptive behaviors, and emotional insecurity.

But when you nurture hope in students, you change the trajectory from despair to thriving. The results echo throughout the campus. Higher hope equates to academic improvement, emotional livelihood, decreased drop-outs, and thriving teachers. 

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Our curriculum empowers educators to help students develop their emotional competencies utilizing strategies of hope, which build adaptive and positive behavior and ultimately, create a superior learning environment. 

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Combining the science and power of hope amplifies the impact of emotional intelligence resulting in:

  • 68% reduction in suspensions/expulsions
  • 81% fewer dropouts
  • 44% lower occurrence of chronic absenteeism
  • Plus, an increase in grade level averages and graduation rates!

Explore our research-based, hope-infused curriculum through a free sample curriculum. The links include a sample of the Student textbook and a sample of the Teacher Handbook.